Business Coaching Service for women in the Handmade Craft Industry. Learn the techniques needed to start and grow a successful craft business. Plus guidence on what to avoide while in business. 



Where Does it say you can't make money from your crafts!!


Everyone is telling you to start a business? Why Not?!

There is no time like the present to start or grow your business; even a greater time with me as your business coach in your corner.


are you ready to get the nOTICEABILITY and sales from your creations?

Of course you are! We all could use some guidance when it comes to running our business, right? Imagine if you had a coach by your side taking you step by step. A coach who knows the meaning of consistency and avoiding trials and errors in a business.


Are you tired of losing money? Of Course You are!

Running a craft business is tough enough without the hassle of finding and keeping customers. Do you know how much easier it would be to have a coach by your side, who has gone through the hassle and surpassed it? A coach who has 26 years in the craft industry and knows how to keep a business off the ground and going. 


isn't it time you start making a bigger profit & growth in your business?

The only catch is that you have to want this really bad. You have to be ready to put in the work and see the results you desire in your business. If this is you, if you’re ready to grow your craft business with my support by your side. Then let's Talk!


NOW is the time to implement a plan to step up and Prosper in your business

What are you waiting for? Your business needs you...So Step up and Take Control!


It's Time to Make Money DOING WHAT YOU LOVE! 



Hi My Fabulous Creative Women! 

My name is Talena Bacon. I'm a business coach for women in the handmade craft industry.

I help women entrepreneur in the handmade craft industry who want to have a steady income from what they create so they can support their family and not work a 9-5 job. Women who are Goal Driven, Passionate and Demand more Profit in their craft business! 

Women Who:

  •  Are Tired of Working for Others

  • Are Tired of Losing Money at Craft Shows

  • Want to Reach and Grow The Business on Social Media and Website

  • Demand Profit & Growth with Their Business

  • Like Being Their OWN BOSS! 

As women why should we settle for anything but the best! We have a passion to create crafts and make a profit from it! With planning and me by your side; there is nothing that can't be done. 

Turning your passion of crafting into profitable business isn't hard at all! I have been running a successful online craft business for 26 yrs. During that time, I created a online craft magazine and I'm a self-published author of a handmade craft book "Breaking into The Craft Show Circuit".

As your coach I give you 26 years of my crafting knowledge,  marketing & business strategies, expertise, and creative ideas. I am not only your coach but also that go to person if you have any questions AFTER your coaching program is complete. I am still here for you no matter what! 

MY GOAL & MISSION: To support you as your business grows and gets more sales. Consider me the godmother to your business. I will spoil it rotten and give it all the attention it deserves. I will go overboard for you and your business. 

I am extremely passionate about helping women succeed in their business so they can..


There is no need to wait any longer, you can do this! Let's discuss how we can work together to get you more money in your business. 


Charisa Hudson of Inspirational Cottage

I participated in Talena’s “ACCOUNTABILITY BOOSTER PROGRAM”. This program will not only help you with your business to get a little boost, but you will begin to see that you are more empowering than you realize! You can do this, and Talena will remind you of that! She’s a powerhouse, very encouraging and has so many wonderful ideas to help you in your individual business. She’s helped me with so many things and obstacles I’ve ran into.

It’s time, what are you waiting for! You will truly enjoy the time you spend in this program! Wonder Women are awesome and that’s what YOU are! Dig in and enjoy the new journey ahead!!! I’m so grateful for the ladies that I’ve connected with as well! 💖


Lynz Lou of ZZ Crafts

“I Killed it at my Craft show and made More money than I Hoped!"

I want to thank you for having The Entrepreneur Crafter Group. Because of you, I had the confidence to do my first craft show in a while today. And I killed it at the show! I made more money than I had hoped, I started my email list and I handed out a ton of business cards! So thank you! Your hard work and dedication to this group has certainly helped give me confidence 😁😁😁


Katie Weaver of Popadoodle Design

It was great to bounce ideas off someone and formulate a plan for how I can grow my business. I now have a long to do list to work on (which will probably last me until the end of the year 😆). It was really reassuring to know I’m on the right track and look forward and build energy for what to do next. I’ll be looking forward to getting back to work!


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