Business Coaching Service for women in the Handmade Craft Industry. Learn the techniques needed to start and grow a successful craft business. Plus guidence on what to avoide while in business. 


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Whether Your Starting

or In Business, You Want To: 


Profit & Grow Your Business instead of losing money

Gain CONSISTENT income online and Offline

Get Social Media NOTICEABLY with your Craft business

Get Higher Sales At Craft Shows

Develop a Pricing & Marketing Strategy To get more Customers



Hi My Fabulous Creative Women! 

My name is Talena Bacon. I'm a business coach for women in the handmade craft industry.

I work with determined women who Desire More than just a 9-5 job. Women who are Goal Driven, Passionate and Demand more Profit in their craft business! 

Women Who:

  •  Are Tired of Working for Others

  • Are Tired of Losing Money at Craft Shows

  • Want to Reach and Grow The Business on Social Media and Website

  • Demand Profit & Growth with Their Business

  • Want to be BOSS! 

As women why should we settle for anything but the best! We have a passion to create and make a profit from it! With planning and me by your side; there is nothing that can't be done. 

Turning your passion into profit isn't hard at all! I have been running a successful online craft business for 26 yrs. During that time, I created a online craft magazine and I'm a self-published author of a handmade craft book "Breaking into The Craft Show Circuit".

You get all my knowledge, business strategies, expertise, and creative ideas. I am not only your coach but also that go to person if you have any questions AFTER your coaching program is complete. I am still here for you no matter what! 

My goal and mission is to support you as you grow your business and get higher profit and sales. Consider me the godmother to your business. I will spoil it rotten and give it all the attention it deserves. I will go overboard for you and your business. 

I am extremely passionate about helping women succeed in their business so they can..


There is no need to wait any longer, you can do this! Let's discuss how we can work together to get you more money in your business. 



Learn my exact 6 Techniques to Get

More Sales

Download my Free Guide & Video Training, 6 free ways to more customer sales


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