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Growing an online business can feel extremely hard - period!


It can feel unbelievably frustrating to start or even grow an online business, especially when you're trying to figure it all out on your own. Then there is the uncertainty of what you need to be doing to make money doing what you love. It’s like trying to solve a puzzle that's missing pieces. 

I can bet you go through many hours trying to figure out what works best for your business. You've even joined a few free webinars and downloaded a freebies in hopes to get some insight. It can be a bit overwhelming especially when your doing everything on your own. 

  • If you've been wanting to start your own profitable business but have felt stuck because you just don't know how to move forward...

  • You struggle to create an effective content and social media marketing strategy that converts followers into clients/customers

  • Maybe you just feel like YOU are getting in your own way because of fears and doubts that come up as you aimlessly try to grow your own empire...

If any of this sounds familiar, read on my darlings, I believe you are ready for a change….

Hi There!

Creative Womenprenur


I bet you're doing a little bit of everything (social media, content creation, graphics, marketing etc.) but can't figure out how to gain traction and find clients/customers

Now Imagine....

Feeling like you know Exactly how to spend your time day-to-day, and week-to-week!

As women we want to run our business with ease and of course enjoy what we do. I believe in working smarter and not harder, which is why I created a step-by-step strategy that can easily be implemented and customized to align with you and your business.

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Get individualized guidance for your unique stage in the business journey.

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Hello I'm Talena

A business & Marketing Coach for Creative Women  

I help Ambitious Women Entrepreneurs like yourself create actionable techniques to grow their business, so they can make money doing what they love!  

I’m taking over  32+ years combined service & product base experience to help you create a business and life that works for you!

 IF you are…..

  •  Ready To take action SO THAT YOU get real results?
  • A Go-Getter, driven and ambitious who wants to build an online service-based business? 


Then let’s put together a strategic plan to Build your Audience and Visibility on your own terms!

It's time to build YOUR business YOUR way, ensuring that every aspect of it aligns with you. 

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Thanks to Talena, I have learned so many awesome tips and tricks for making my business successful. Trust her as your Business Coach, you will not be disappointed!

~Joann Richardson of Melts Amore~

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Talena was such a pleasure to work with! I have gained 22 new potential customers and 7 new sales in just a week of following your advice and instruction. I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to grow their business. When working with her she wants you to succeed, grow and prosper. Talena is very down to earth, real and is a must for anyone!

~Misi Lowery of Cantu Creations~

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Talena is amazing! She really cares about you and your business. So much great advise. 

~Tammy Sabin Lewis~

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Episode 4: Two Best Legal Forms for a Craft Business

When it comes to running a business we need forms that will show we are legal. There are some great advantages to having these forms and in the long run save you money. In this episode I will be talking about my two favorite forms.

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Episode 9: 6 Tips to Get Engagement on Your Facebook Business Page

Having a business on social media takes a lot of time, consistency and patience. I love it when someone likes or followers me. I think we all feel that way, but don't you want them to engage too?! Of course you do. Which is why I came up with 6-Tips to Get Engagement on your Page or Group. Stop in to get your tips and don't forget to subscribe. 

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