Organization is Key in Business

Organization is one key of many when running your business.png

One thing that keeps our business running smoothly is organization. When there is no organization we are unable to produce our crafts. If you don’t have your ideas, patterns or supplies in order, you are unable to create the crafts you love.

I believe the 3 things that could help with organization in your business are:

  • Having a Plan

  • Creating a List

  • Implementing the Time

Not only is organization essential in your business, it also plays a part in your supplies. Not having your supplies in order could lead to delays in creations. And if there is delay in your business then you will have unhappy customers and no sales. I can confess that I used to be unorganized when it came to my supplies. I used to wait until I was out of something before I restocked. Waiting until the last minute lost me a customer and a sale.

Of course years later, I now found a way to organize my supplies and business. The strategy I use is simple and saves me money. When it comes to business determine what you can use to save you money.

3 Tips to Grow Your Blog


Blogging has been a big thing for years. It’s an easy way to tell others about what you’re doing in your business. Many have turned their blogs into selling blogs where they add their crafts for others to buy. Blogging can also be used to build an email listing for your business.

 Most use their blog to direct traffic to their Etsy or website. Currently most websites have a blog section incorporated in their software. You can make use of a blog to: teach a craft, start a magazine, write a book and talk about it, or create a wholesale blog.  Although Facebook as taken over the market with a Business Page, your blog can be used as a business page too. Traffic can be directed from Facebook to Blog or visa versa.  

There are three (3) things that can help you with blogging:

  • Determine how your blog will benefit your customers

  • Create Content that will help you and your customers

  • Share a Passion

With a blog you could get feedback, testimonials and reviews on what you discuss about your business. With Facebook it’s a little bit more work to get engagement then with a blog. A blog is one essential tool in your business, it also plays a role in keyword ranking, getting brand awareness and also for getting traffic for a website. The important thing to remember is to continue to show up and share.

Branding and Rebranding Your Business


When it comes to branding and re-branding our business, it’s best to decide what will make us happy. As with any business, our brand is what helps customers find us. For example Walmart has a logo that you recognize wherever you go. So does other businesses and even social media platforms.

Our crafts our uniquely done and customers love what we do. Then why now have a brand that is uniquely ours as well. This can be done either a professional or you can create one yourself. Either way, it’s going to look great! So, get out there and create that brand!