Hello Again,

Yes, this is me cheesing over my first book! I was so excited and couldn’t believe I wrote a book. And to this day, I’m grateful and amazed! I have 27 years in the retail business and a business coach.

Of course I didn’t wake up and say “ I want to be a business coach”. Truth be told I wanted to be a body builder. lol Yet that dream quickly ended once I graduated from high school and attended college. After receiving my BBA in management; I landed a great job but still felt something was missing.

My heart was leading me towards running my own business but I didn’t know how. Until I attended craft show and met a woman who created dolls. I asked her how did she make them and she said they were sewn together. It looked like fun and easy to do. So I purchased a sewing machine and taught myself to sew.

Soon I was able to quit my job and embarked on opening my own gift shop. Then grew my presence on the internet and opened an online business. Now 27 years later I have my work displayed in 8 shops; plus I do wholesale & various craft shows.

As business flourished I published my book “Breaking Into The Craft Show Circuit”. It’s to help entrepreneurs get over the bumps and bruises of starting and running their business. This sparked me to offer private 1:1 coaching and offer programs to support women on making more profit in their business.


I provide:

  • 27 yrs of Business Knowledge

  • Brick & Mortar Experience (store/office front)

  • Pricing & Marketing Strategies

  • Knowledgeable Skills to grow your customer base

  • Time Management Skills

  • Clarity on your Strengths & Values in Your business

  • Creativity on Branding

  • Skills to present your business in The Best Light

  • TECHNIQUES to implement ways for your business to Stand Out

  • Creative Time & Money Resources to grow your business.

You get strategy, all my knowledge, expertise, and creative ideas.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?! IF its yes, Book A Call.