Thanks to Talena, I have learned so many awesome tips and tricks for making my business successful. Trust her as your Business Coach, you will not be disappointed!

Joann Richardson


While participating in Talena’s Accountability Challenge, I now have Instagram, Facebook and My Website.

Dawn of: DAB Stained Glass


I won a crafters call with Talena and it was great to talk about ways to formulate a marketing plan to grow my business!

She’s very easy to talk with and bounce ideas off someone who has been in the business a long time and get ideas for new directions. It was really reassuring to know I’m on the right track. I’ll be looking forward to getting back to work!

Katie Weaver of: Popadoodle Design


I participated in her Accountability Booster Program. This program will not only help you with your business to get a little boost, but you will begin to see that you are more empowering than you realize!

You can do this, and Talena will remind you of that! She’s a powerhouse, very encouraging and has so many wonderful ideas to help you in your individual business. She’s helped me with so many things and obstacles I’ve ran into.

It’s time, what are you waiting for! You will truly enjoy the time you spend with her in her programs!

Charisa of: Inspirational Cottage


Talena’s Accountability Booster Program was Amazing! I Got more done in two weeks than in the previous six months and ideas for more. Talena is Kind and Encouraging!

Julie Gray


I have participated in may of her weekly accountability challenges. We’ve all done accountability challenges before right? Well you haven’t done Talena’s!

Talena doesn’t just say “set a goal”, she asks “How are you going to reach that goal?! Talena doesn’t just create a post asking how everyone is doing and then move on. She will tag you in those accountability posts. Talena checks in with you and holds you accountable week after week.

I find myself working harder the weeks I participate in the Accountability Challenges. When Talena tags me and asks how I’m doing, because she will! I want to be able to report back that I am crushing my goals!

If you are looking for motivation and getting those goals complete then she is the one to help you!

Kayla of : Cricket, Firefly & Co.