I see you working hard on your business……

I bet you've been working for months or even years on your online business determined to get continuous sales. You've got your website up and you're all over social media and still not getting the desired money for your business. 

Something has to change, you are tired of spinning your wheel waiting for customers to come to you. Your time is so wrapped in creating your business that you have less time to give it the notice ability it deserves. And when you hear others talking about branding, your unsure where to start?! It's OK....I totally get it.

When I started my business, I lacked the support I needed and was going around like a mouse on a wheel. That all changed when I developed a strategic strategy that has propelled my business and grown my customer base. 

Running a business can be frustrating but that can change because you have someone who will support and help you. There is no need to feel alone or discourage at the lack of results you currently are getting. 

No need to go in circles wondering where you need to focus most in your business. It’s time you put a strategic plan in place so you are working smarter and not harder. It’s time to build your audience and visibility on your own terms! I will also teach you to handle the overwhelm, confusion, and Time management HASSLES, so it is never a problem for you again. 

When we work together we will focus on the Key area in your business so you can gain more sales in your business! Isn’t it your time you get the money you deserve in your business?!  

The Program

A 3 month 1:1 program for entrepreneurs who are ready to up-level their business. Now is the time to stop spinning your wheels and create a strategic strategy on marketing and growing your business.  



  • To get More Customers & Sales 

  • To Create an online presence to grow your business 

  • To Promote Your Business on a higher level  

  • To Create a signature system and content strategy 


Your Results 

  • Walk away with clear time management schedule in all areas  

  • Able to balance your business with your lifestyle  

  • Create a social media strategy that you actually like maintaining  

  • Craft an online presence you’re proud of  

  • Design a system to continually gain and grow your customer base  

  • Put in place the best marketing and content creation strategies

The Think & Believe Big Mindset 

  • How to manage the mind drama to grow your business faster  

  • Balancing your daily practical strategies  

  • Expand your belief in what’s possible for you & your business  

  • Exploding your success & money mindsets  

  • Finally feeling in control of your results in business

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 Your Package Includes

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Emergency Calls: for when your overwhelmed

Copy of phone (2).png

Eighteen 50-minute one-on-one calls with me

So you’ll have 3 sessions a month and 1 week for implementation

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Access to my private Facebook group : The Entrepreneur Crafters, where you will feel inspired by like-minded women who want to make money doing what they love.


Access to a private software we will use to stay in touch and communicate daily. Also weekly check-in sessions and notes.

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In-depth new client questionnaire: so I can hone in on your business before our work begins


One 90-minutes Zoom intensive: to gain clarity on your needs and begin our strategy for the next 3 months for best results

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Unlimited Voxer & email support: where you’re always supported when you feel stuck, confused or bursting with joy because you’ve achieved a new milestone

Step Up & Prosper Bonuses

  • VIDEO SESSIONS & Session Notes (To Keep You Focused & On Track)

  • All My Private Resources

  • Access to my Mini Courses (will help you build your business without losing any money) (every penny counts)  

  • Various Downloadable Templates to Help Grow Your Business

  • Workbook Blueprint From Start To Finish

Full Investment (1).png


Full Investment (2).png

3-Monthly Payments $900

Full Investment (3).png

6- Biweekly Payments $450

Schedule a Time for us to Talk about Working together

What Our Clients Say

"Thanks to Talena I have learned so many awesome Tips and Tricks for making my business successful. Trust her as your business coach and you will not be disappointed. 

-Joann Richardson

Talena is amazing. She really cares about you and your business. So much great advice

-Tammy Sabin Lewis

Talena was so kind and understanding during our call. She was nice enough to take me through things I hadn’t thought of, and she was knowledgeable with my questions. I’m feeling so much more motivated and not as scared to try making money. She makes me feel like she’s invested in my business as much as I am. I’m so thankful to have found her!

-Shawna Hannah