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I started this podcast because I truly believe in empowering fellow women entrepreneurs like you to thrive on your CEO journey.

Here, I'll be dishing out all the insider tips on building your dream business, mastering organic marketing, and so much more. With a mission close to my heart, I'm here to uplift and support you every step of the way as you strive to become the CEO you've always dreamed of.

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Hey there Unstoppable Queens!

Welcome to Queens Rise to CEO, your ultimate podcast destination for all things hustle!

I'm your host, Talena Bacon, your go-to business strategy coach and your biggest cheerleader on this exhilarating journey to success.

Think of this podcast as our cozy hangout spot, where we spill all the juicy details about online business – from launching your coaching or crafting gig to mastering organic marketing and social media savvy.

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